My Career Plan Workbook for Students

My Career Plan workbook provides middle and high school students the tools to identify and build on their strengths by focusing on Self Awareness and Career Preparation.  Students will develop a career/continuing education plan. 

It includes sections on identifying skills, interests and work values the student has that match career/job goals and continuing education aspirations.  The workbook will guide you through the development of a comprehensive Career Plan.  Understanding who you are and what you want to do is a foundation of career planning.  The use of this process will help students move toward or obtain careers/jobs that are successful and satisfying.

The thirty-five page workbook contains fourteen sections which can be completed and updated. This workbook can be used in conjunction with the RTS Student Career Development Program or as a standalone workbook. Click here to see sample pages.


My Career Plan includes the following sections:          Career Plan Student Workbook

  • I Have Skills; Skills for Success
  • Holland Categories
  • Career/Job Values
  • How I Make Decisions
  • Time Makes a Difference
  • Improving Myself
  • Starting My Career Plan
  • Job/Career Matching
  • My SWOT Analysis
  • Identifying My Action Steps
  • Action Steps Progress
  • Identifying a Good Fit
  • Review and Reflection
  • Moving Forward Checklist



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