Career Planning for Home School Students

Whether planning to start a career immediately after Student Interviewhigh school or planning to continue education, career planning starts now!  Everyone has strengths and the RTS career plans foster this important concept.  The Career Development Workbook Series and Career Plan Workbook are designed for middle and high school-aged students. All students have the potential to grow when they see that there is value in what they know, what they have done, who they are, and what they want to achieve.  Working with these existing strengths will help students move toward satisfying and successful careers. The workbooks can be revisited and updated as students gain knowledge and experiences.

Career Development Workbook Series

This series of three workbooks offers a comprehensive, self-paced approach to career development. Each student will use her/his workbook to build a career document that will be a resource for her/his career exploration, career planning and achievement of career goals - both short term and long term - leading to more informed decisions and more successful and satisfying career/job experiences. Click here for more information about these workbooks and to purchase material.

No Stress Career Development for Teens: Self Discovery. This 55-page workbook is the foundation for student growth. If you complete this workbook, you will identify the skills you enjoy, your interests,  and the values that are important to you. This includes social, communication and decision-making skills.

No Stress Career Development for Teens: Career Exploration. This 41-page workbook begins an active exploration of potential careers. A key theme integrates lessons learned in the self discovery phase into potential career choices. By completing this workbook, your career plan will be expanded to include a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) ananysis and action steps created.

No Stress Career Development for Teens: Career Preparation. This 43-page workbook inforporates the technical aspects of a job searching as well as "soft skills." You will evaluate and update your career plan. Career goals are reviewed and adjusted, and action steps are revisited and revised. Career goals can include continuing education or training or job seeking. The goal of this focus area is for you to match you self discovery results, career exploration outcomes with the career, career direction or job being pursued. The goals include finding careers/jobs that are a good fit and that lead to career satisfaction and success.

Career Plan Workbooks

Career planning is a process.  By participating in this process, students will use the tools, assessments and reflection exercises to develop their own career plans and action steps.  Their plans will include documentation of the steps they take, and accomplishments made as they move toward their career goals.  

The RTS offers two ways to complete your career plan.  

  • The My E Career Plan is an electronic workbook on disc, which is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and newer. 
  • The My Career Plan workbook is in a print format. 

My Electronic Career Plan 

The Road to Success (RTS) electronic career plan, My E Career Plan, provides the tools, resources and process to develop and update a career plan for each student. This electronic document will help students to focus on their strengths, interests and work values matching these to careers/jobs they are considering.  The goal is to work towards a career/job that is satisfying and successful.  This can be used in conjunction with the RTS Career Development Program or as a stand alone product.  Click here for more information about My E Career Plan, and to purchase the materials online.

My Career Plan Workbook

The RTS My Career Plan workbook provides middle and high school students the tools to identify and build on their strengths by focusing on self awareness and career preparation.  Students will develop career/continuing education plans.  My Career Plan includes sections for identifying students' skills, interests and work values that match career/job goals, match continuing education aspirations and the organization where the students will work.  Completing this workbook will help students to obtain careers/jobs that are successful and satisfying.  This workbook can be used in conjunction with the RTS Student Career Development Program or as a stand alone workbook. Click here for more information or to purchase materials online.